VISOR Object sensor

سنسو پارت

VISOR® object sensor for part detection

Is the object present? How is it lying on the belt? Is a detail missing or has it been incorrectly assembled?

The VISOR® object sensor is ideal for many demanding applications e.g. monitoring positions and positioning components, inspecting plastic parts or Pick & Place and robotic applications

Typical VISOR® object sensor



Objects that sometimes appear in unexpected positions and have complex shapes and details – classic switching sensors

would be completely overwhelmed by such detection tasks. Not the VISOR® object sensor from SensoPart.



It always maintains its overview, detecting defective parts, parts in the wrong position, wrong orientation, wrong sequence or a combination of them all – in an instant. With its highly precise position and orientation detection, our VISOR® object sensor is one of the best in its classvisor-objektsensor-c-mount.

Six detectors plus position detection

A total of six detectors are available for inspection tasks and evaluations: pattern comparison, contour detection, caliper, brightness, grey threshold and contrast detection. Position tracking offers permits reliable detection of those features that are not always present in precisely the taught-in position. All evaluations take place relative to the current part position and orientation, without them having to be defined for every possible position of an individual feature. This powerful tool allows you to solve even demanding applications confidently!


Spout present or not?

Too much shrinking – or too little? The Vision object sensor’s contour detector keeps an eye on all the relevant details during the production of blood bags.

Position and position tolerance measurement

The sensor “learns” the contours and their direction from a picture, and re acts reliably to deviations. The sensor responds correctly even if a nut is the wrong way round

Glue dot present?

Early detection by monitoring presence – in this case caps for the beverages packaging industry – long before qual­ ity assurance. Preventing expensive rejections.