VISOR® Color

Combining colour and object detection opens up a variety of applications involving the inspection and sorting of objects according to shape and colour, such as e.g. completeness check, position check, part differentiation/assignment/sorting or the inspection of coloured LEDs and colour screens.

Typical VISOR® Color

Colour is an important feature for detecting and differentiating between objects during the production process. Whether coloured marks in quality assurance, coloured printing or labels, LEDs or display elements, the occupancy of cable harnesses, or the brow – ning level of baked goods – industry is much more colourful than is generally assumed

All LEDs in the right place?

A unique performance feature of vision colour sensors is the detection of active (self-illuminating) colours. For example, displays in the automotive industry or electronic components can be inspected for correct placement with the VISOR® Color.

Incorrect occupancy ruled out

The VISOR® Color combines colour and object detection in a single device and can therefore simultaneously inspect occupancy of the blister for completeness and for occupancy with the correct colour.

The same or not the same?

The VISOR® Color detects even the smallest of colour nuances more reliably than the human eye. This allows, for example, the detection of colour deviations or the sorting of parts by colour.