DCM Company

DCM Sistemes is a company involved into design and manufacturing of LED lighting systems for machine vision, set up in 1999 by a group of young engineers with an eager to help companies in their way towards the modernizing and technology developing.

Since then, DCM Sistemes has performed thousands of lighting studies internationally and its catalog of products, based on LED technology for machine vision, has continued to expand. The secret that more and more companies trust us, is the personalized service beyond mere product.

  • DCM Sistemes headquarter

What offers DCM Sistemes?

DCM Sistemes offers its clients a wide range of lights based on LED technology, with all advantages this technology offers and an excellent value.

With our lighting systems our customers will get: Long-life lights, reliability, quick-response, low consumption, low voltage, little spectrum width in a wide band and a brighter light, among others.

standard lighting

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Additional information

Additional information about vision industry and how it is applied to our lighting systems. (+)

Why DCM Sistemes?

  • Wide catalogue of standard products for vision industry, including more than 1500 references.
  • Delivery deadline in 24h in almost all our standard references.
  • Loaning program to test our products, without any obligation. (+)
  • High quality and long-life products.
  • Innovation and leading technology worldwide. (+)
  • Confidential and free lighting studies, without any obligation. (+)
  • Lighting solutions entirely customized for your application. (+)
  • Technical support available to solve any doubt about our products and its application.
  • International presence.
  • Active member of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA).