The matching lens for any sensor size

  • Basler Lenses
  • Large selection of renowned manufacturers
  • C-, CS- and S-mount
  • 1/3 to 1 inch
  • Focal lengths from 2.1 to 75 mm

We offer lenses with different mounts and image circles to accommodate various sensor sizes. To achieve a good price/performance ratio, the lens’s image circle must fit the sensor size, or be only negligibly larger.

Our C-mount lenses come in a broad range of quality classifications. They stand out for their adjustable focus and iris ring for better configuration of the shutter. Quality differences are particularly evident with 2/3″ C-mount lenses. Hence, we offer the largest selection for this image circle size. 1″ C-mount lenses are distinctly more expensive and thus recommended only for sensors that really are larger than 2/3″. Sensors significantly smaller than 2/3″ should be matched with a lens optimized for smaller sensors, as this offers better resolution levels for a lower price.

Our S-mount lenses are especially affordable. They are outfitted with a fixed aperture, and are focused by adjusting the screw-in depth. The S-mount lenses are suitable for our board level cameras with an image circle of 1/2″ and 1/3″.

Basler Lenses

In respect of the broad diversity of sensor sizes on the market, producers typically offer concrete recommendations about which lens format best fits their sensors. The Basler ace cameras and Basler Lenses 1/2.5″ offer a good example of harmonizing resolutions between products:

  • The ace cameras use sensors measuring 1″ and smaller, meaning they work with a C- or CS-mount.
  • Basler Lenses 1/2.5″ have a C-mount and offer an image circle optimized for the 1/2.5″ format and are capable of depicting up to 1/2″.
  • If you have an ace camera with a sensor of 1/2″ or smaller, then the Basler Lens 1/2.5″ is the ideal combination.